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“It's right here, Ray. It's... looking at me.” The lovable ‘Class 5 Full Roaming Phantasm’ from Ghostbusters in our Limited Edition Premium Motion format. Accurately sculpted using rare reference photos of a surviving filming miniature.
Faithfully recreated in polystone this premium Dilophosaurus motion statue is 8” long and is mounted on a Jurassic Park themed and branded base.
Like eccentric entrepreneur and founder of the dinosaur sanctuary, John Hammond, we spared no expense in producing this highly detailed 11 inch tall heavyweight polystone/mixed media limited edition collectible
This Spyro the Dragon statue is an absolute must-have for all of the Spyro die-hard fans out there. Clasping a red gem, this statue will make you smile at first glance and every glance after! This 8-inch plastic PVC figure comes on a display base. Recomme
Showingof 4 item(s)