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Tokidoki Moofia Breakfast Besties Series 2: (1 Blind Box)

Start your day off right with the Breakfast Besties Series 2! These new additions to the Moofia family will brighten up your morning and get your Tokidoki vinyl collection moo-ving along. Each c
A lineup with the theme of [weather] is now available from the popular terrarium series!
――The container with a light bulb motif and the drop-type and cloud-type fashionable containers that match the weather theme are used, so it's perfect for interior d
A new collection figure that combines a stained glass-like design background and a three-dimensional Pokemon figure!

1, Pikachu
2, Mew
3, Ho-Oh
4, Lugia
5, Umbreon
6, Gardevoir
An original arrangement of the "POLYGO" character design, where you can see invisible things, with simple faces. That is "POLYGO". Disney style
Re-Ment Sumikko Gurashi Everyday Terrarium Collection Blind Box
Re-Ment Sumikko Gurashi Fuchi ni Pittori Collection - Re-Ment
Showingof 26 item(s)