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This handcrafted 8-inch tall Disney Darkwing Duck Statue by Romero Britto is exquisitely sculpted from high-quality stone resin and hand painted in fine glossy detail.
Near and Jafar It's easy to claim you're an Aladdin fan and favor figures of Genie, Jasmine, or Aladdin, himself. But only a real fan would collect this Disney Jafar Jim Shore Stature!
The Disney Traditions DuckTales Huey, Dewey, and Louie Navigating Nephews Statue by Jim Shore is made of stone resin. Measures about 6 4/5-inches tall x 6 2/5-inches long x 4-inches wide.
Measuring 7 7/10-inches wide x 4 2/5-inches tall, the Disney Traditions The Lion King Simba and Mufasa A Father's Pride Statue by Jim Shore makes a great gift for Father's Day or as a keepsake for a new dad.
Banpresto Pixar Characters Pixar Fest Figure Collection Vol. 6 Set of 3 Figures (multi)
Showingof 5 item(s)