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Megahouse Digimon Adventure: G.E.M. Series Yagami Taiichi & Agumon 20th Anniversary Ver.
Kushina Uzumaki is joining the Naruto Gals series! Naruto's mother has been sculpted with her long red hair flowing around her creating a dynamic pose with the "Adamantine Sealing Chains" coming out from behind her all intricately sculpted!
Megahouse Naruto G.E.M. Series - Sasuke Uchiha Shinobi World War Ver. Statue
Megahouse Precious G.E.M. Series Digimon Adventure Alforths Budramon
Straight from the anime series "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" comes this highly detailed PVC statue of Shinobu Kocho. It stands approx. 19 cm tall and comes in a colored window box packaging.
Premium Bandai and Megatreshop are deluxe editions with A and B as a set.
It is a mascot set that is full of charm with its cute deformation and delicate coloring.
"Illustration sheet (B6 size)" is included as a purchase privilege for Premium Bandai and
Showingof 7 item(s)