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The Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Nendoroid Deluxe Action Figure is fully articulated and even features articulated eye parts allowing you to change the direction he is looking. Buzz's visor can be removed, allowing you to display him either way. Additionally,
Good Smile Nendoroid DX: Captain America (Infinity War)
What a cute monster! From Pixar Studios' Monsters, Inc. comes a Nendoroid of Mike together in a set with Boo! The little Boo figure included with Nendoroid Mike looks adorable in her casual outfit.
In addition to the bonus face plates, the deluxe version also comes with a selection of optional parts, including a clipboard with a door fragment attached to it and the door that Mike repaired to surprise Sulley! Stands roughly 4 1/2-inches tall.
Good Smile Nendoroid: Altria Pendragon (Racing Ver.)
"Yo, Rugman!" The world's most powerful genie is joining the Nendoroids! From Disney's Aladdin comes the Aladdin Genie Nendoroid Action Figure!
From the popular film series Harry Potter comes the Harry Potter Nendoroid Action Figure! He comes with 3x face plates; a standard expression, a serious expression (for when he's casting spells), and a nervous expression from the famous Sorting Hat scene.
She comes with several optional parts including a wand, book, Crookshanks, a broom, special parts to display her riding her broom as well as an interchangeable front hair part to display a slightly different, more mature-looking version of Hermione!
A concussion mine part (as well as the switch to detonate it) are included allowing him to be posed waiting to trigger the mine on an unsuspecting enemy. Figure stands roughly 4-inches tall.
This figure comes with 2x face plates (standard and nervous expression), 2x wand parts (normal and broken one), his pet Scabbers, the Howler he received from his Mom, and a broomstick as optional parts!
The figure is fully articulated and features a double-jointed neck joint, allowing for a wide variety of posing options. Torbjorn can also be converted into his Molten Core appearance by lowering his articulated mask and attaching included flame parts.
Showingof 18 item(s)